Urban Agriculture Zoning in Chicago.

The Chicago City Council is considering a new ordinance that would affect the legal circumstances and permitted practices of urban agriculture in Chicago. Back in 2010 the city of Chicago Department of Zoning and Land Use Planning (DZP) developed an ordinance proposing changes to Chicago’s zoning laws, part of the Chicago Municipal Code.These changes will update the code to accommodate urban agriculture and community gardening, the decision to put urban agriculture in the zoning is because the code change formally recognizes urban agriculture and community gardening as permitted land uses. This is a significant step forward in making urban farming a permanent reality in Chicago. The proposed changes to the zoning code establish a legitimate place for urban agriculture in the code as an activity that can happen without seeking special permission. To date, all urban agriculture sites and projects have had to approach the city on a case by case basis for use of land, without clear definitions guiding practitioners or city staff and policymakers.


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